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Number & Type of Creatures Sent Down to Earth


How many “individuals” “beings” or “creatures” were sent down from the heaven to earth on Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala orders ?
i really like to know because i have read somewhere that snake was also one of them who was sent down from the heaven so if this is true i would like to know please.
Will be waiting for your answer jazakullah kheiran..


I should admit that I was taken back by your question, yet enjoyed to read about it.. thank you for that.

I came across a poem penned down by a famous poet named 'Attar Naishapouri' who has a poem called 'Taawus' literally meaning 'peacock' which has mentioned about your query.
The explanation of the poem-by Ali Kiya, a writer, further explains that there were in total 4 creatures, or beings that were removed from the heaven: Adam,
Hawaa, snake and peacock. It had so happened that Satan, formerly known as Azaazil worshiped Allah (swt) for long yrs and when he disagreed to submit to Allah's orders by not prostrating to Adam, he was then removed from the lofty place (tafsir tabari, vol 1, pg53). 

Because he wanted to spoil it for Adam as well, he sought a means to go back to Paradise and for that, some commentaries say: he used the peacock while others say he sat on the head of the snake and went back to Paradise to convinve Hawaa to eat a fruit from the forbidden tree( tafsir tabari, vol 1, pg 48).

Because of this act, Allah removed all four of them from Paradise and sent them to earth. Hz.Adam fell on a place called 'sarandeeb', Hz.Hawaa in Jeddah in
Saudia Arabia, the peacock fell in India while the snake on the mountain ranges of 'sarandeeb' (Qasasul Anbiyaa)

We also have some traditions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.w) on this regard in Biharul Anwaar, Volume 7, page 74. explaining the same matter.

I hope this was useful
" give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed satan.... he is not heedless, though we be heedless...." - Sahifah Sajjadiyah, dua no.25