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Do’s & Don’t’s After Divorce


Assalam o Alaikum!

My question is that if one divorse(talaq) is given by husband, is nikah broken? Does the women have to cover her face from him?

please answer in detail.



(2:228)”And the divorced women shall keep themselves waiting for three periods. And it is not legal for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs, if they do believe in Allah and in the last day. And their husbands are best entitled to take them back in the meantime if they want a settlement. And women have rights similar to what they owe as recognized, though for men there is a step above them. And Allah is Mighty, Wise.”

The waiting period of a free woman is that after her husband divorces her during her Pak period, she should wait till she sees Haidh twice and becomes Pak. Thereafter, as soon as she sees Haidh for the third time, her waiting period will be over and she can marry again.

it is recommended that the woman (wife) does not leave her husbands house during the iddah period (unless she has been asked to leave the house). she is still halaal for him and is advised to adorn and perfume herself since the divorce can be revocable.

The case would be different if the divorce is of Khula, wherein, complete and correct hijab would have to be observed between the two since they become na-mahram the same instance as the divorce has been recited. Covering face is not a required part of complete hijab. The palms up to wrists and face can remain open excluding other body parts.

the iddah period ends , as specified above , after three monthly cycles.

HE knows the best.

Kanize Zainab