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How do make a haram relationship, halal….


Salam alikum!
I’m a 19-year-old Muslim girl. I’ve just started practising Islam for real. I’ve had a ”boyfriend” for almost 2 years & we’ve talked about marriage. (He’s also a Muslim) I know I’m not supposed to be in a haram relationship. I already know everything about it so I don’t want anybody to judge. But anyhow..
I just broke up with him, he still wants to be with me. But I want to tell him If you want to be with me your going to have to ask for my hand from my parents. Or else we’re not going to be girlfriend/boyfriend anymore. Is that the right thing to do? If he says that he isn’t ready, should I move on? Please help a Muslim sister out. Put me in your prayers, I really need that.
Jazakallah lkehir’


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

I am glad that you have decided to change your lifestyle and become a practicing Muslim.  May Allah keep you steadfast in this path.

You took the right decision by breaking your relationship with the boy because Islam does not approve of such kind of relationship.

The best way is to make things official by involving your families. Talk to the boy logically and explain to him your concerns,if he is sincere with you and truly likes you, he will surely understand your viewpoint.

And if he disagrees,  then it’s not wise to continue your relationship with him. Because a person who doesn’t give importance to his religious values cannot be a good partner for you whose priority is her religion.

May Allah help you to take the right decision. Our prayers are with you

Sukaina Taqavi