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How do I stop my fiance from listening to songs? ..


A year back I got married to to my cousin and will be moving in next year. Since he was my cousin our families didn’t let us have a talk before the Nikah. I was told he was a very religious and a practicing Shia Muslim who has interest in acquiring knowledge about deen and avoids haram. I was happy cause I needed someone who I could walk with on the straight path and make ourselves ready for Imam of our time. We didn’t talk much after Nikah. After an year of our Nikah the guy confesses that he isn’t anything like that. He even said he listened to music and isn’t religious. I really liked that he said the truth. Leaving him is not an option. I want to be on the right path and bring him as well. But since we already have a very weird relationship I don’t know how to approach him. I don’t know how to stop him from listening to songs. Please do guide and help me.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

It’s very good that you have such concern about your husband’s religious beliefs.

There are things that you can do to encourage him to the right path like:

  • Try to increase your knowledge about religion.
  • Introduce him to religious people, families and figures etc.
  • Attention and affection is the key for guidance; so create the path of guidance and enlightenment with affection and love.
  • Show commitment about your own religious beliefs and actions.
  • Introduce him to Islamic reciters as a replacement.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi