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How do I recite ziyarat ashura


salaam alaiykum I hope you’re doing well
I’ve always wanted to recite ziyarat ashura but I never knew how to and always had a fear of asking was feeling ashamed..but now if I don’t muster the courage and ask I never will
I wana know how to recite the ziyarat ashura completely every detail
looking forward to you’re response
thank you


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question

first of, it’s good to understand that reciting ziarat is like holding a very loved conversation with that particular personality. In this case, the master of the hearts Imam al-Hussein (as).

ziarat Ashura is easily available online. All you need to do is read through the text from the beginning to the end. It is recommended you recited it with Understanding.. hence, you may want to go through the English translation.
the ziarat itself will guide you what to do next. For instance there is a place where you need to recite 100 times curse and salutations. These however can be recited just once due to time constraints.
then after the salutations, you have to recite a short dua siting and finally the last one in Sajdah. Since you will need to be reading the dua, you can either ask someone to recite it for you while you are in prostration or recite with an mp3.

mad fir general ritual, you may also make wudhoo and sit facing the quinoa when reciting the ziarat.

hope this was useful

please pray for us too