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How do I make up for several qadz roza missed due to periods


I missed several roza’s due to periods but never made up for them. How do I make up for them?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

You must estimate as to how many the number could be.
Let’s say, you’re 30. And you’ve had your first period at 13. Hence you will have to pay for 17 Yrs. Maybe each Ramadan 7 fasts. N that will come up to roughly 119 fasts.

Let the number not overwhelm you dear sister. If you fast just twice a week. You will be able to meet the number in approximately 15 months.

Also, if you had done some fasts in the past other than the holy month. and probably hadn’t seen your period in some holy Ramadan then you just roughly take an estimated number that sounds ok to you, and just pay back those. For instance, from 119 to say 90/100!?! It will depend on your knowledge of missed periods.

InshaAllah all goes well and you make it to them.
It’s indeed a noble thing to do this.