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How do I know whether I’m doing something sincerely?


Hi I just wanted to ask something because I’ve been struggling on a particular topic. How do I know whether I’m doing something sincerely? It’s because whenever I am doing something good, I know that it’s a good deed and then start questioning my inner self whether I’m sincere or not. I can’t tell whether I am and it makes me a little bit worried if actually I’m doing it for the sake of something else.


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

“Whoever desires to meet his Lord should strive righteously and should worship no one besides Him. (Surah Kahf/110)”

“Worship Allah and be devoted to His religion. The religion of Allah is certainly pure. (Surah Zumar/2-3)”

“They were only commanded to worship Allah, be uprightly devoted to His religion, steadfast in prayer and pay the zakat. This is truly the eternal religion (Surah Bayyinah/5).”

The Prophet (s.a.w.w) said: “As for anyone who works to Allah sincerely for forty days, Allah will make the springs of wisdom come out of his heart and tongue” (Bihar ul-Anwar; 15/87 )

If you are sure you are doing what Allah(swt) wants us to do, then don’t let Waswas and Shaitan misguide you by creating the ambiguity regarding the deeds you have performed sincerely. Rather, try to keep your intention sincere for the sake of Allah and perform those deeds just for the sake of Allah, and still if you feel Shaitan is whispering and trying to mislead and misguide you, then do not pay attention to it and keep doing the same work. One must be sure that the work is done with sincerity and not to show off or expect praise from others. It is only Allah(swt) who gives the reward and one must wait and expect the reward from only Almighty God.

Obstacles of Sincerity

Since sincerity is the brilliant lodestar that shows the courses of true obedience and honest worship of God, the Devil has used all snares for inducing people through a great variety of deceptive expectations, such as fondness of reputation and wealth, attainment of glory, and seeking for material desires. Sometimes, the devilish inspirations may come in the form of soft, deceptive whispering. Accordingly, one may practice acts of obedience to God with the intention of sincerity, but if he examines them closely, he will find them mixed with showiness. This is in fact one of the most dangerous slips that nobody can evade except the genuine disciples.

How to Obtain Sincerity?

The most important incentive of showiness is to attract people’s admiration and obtain their satisfaction. As a matter of fact, the obtainment of people’s satisfaction is an unattainable purpose, because people are unable to satisfy themselves; therefore, they cannot be satisfied with others. The only One Whose satisfaction should be sought is God Who possesses the reins of the affairs completely and can do everything. Hence, the true men of reason should direct towards Him and obey Him completely heartily.

Showiness and cheating cannot continue for a long time. They are soon revealed before everybody, and the showy will soon become the subject of loathing and disrespect.

It is narrated that a man from the Israelite decided to worship God so that people would praise him. For a long period, he observed an excessive worship to God, but every individual who passed by him realized that he was ostentatious. One day, he said to himself that he had tired himself and wasted his lifetime for nothing; hence, he should work heartily from now on. As he did, every individual who passed by him was admired by his worship and said that he was pious man.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider