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My Conscience Biting


Okay so my situation is quite complicated right now…..a few days back an incident related to me occurred…..a girl in my class who was sitting next to the whole time lost her phone….she was searching everywhere for it n was asking me time to time about her phone,I told her that I don’t have it coz I didn’t pick it up…..but when I was about to leave I opened my bag to take my cellphone out n I saw her cellphone in my secret pocket…..I was stunned at that point that how is that even possible den I got up n asked everyone in my class about this bt they were all like “we don’t know” n all said that it must have been a mistake n jst leave it….but I wasn’t ready to leave it coz as long as I remember I didn’t touch her phone n we do have a history…a few days back something unpleasant happened between us n I was sure that she did that on purpose to ruin my image in class n my friends were all like yeah she must have done that on purpose as a pay back…. But however I didn’t say anything to her n I came home n told my mom about this n she was like”call your director at once n tell her about this entire situation coz if she can do something like that on purpose she can do anything else swearer than this the next time…..n by this I got scared n called her n tld her everything…… She said she will take care of it n I shouldn’t be worried…after that I was relieved but I started having second thoughts that what if I unintentionally put her cellphone in my bag??what if it was my fault??due to this I called a couple of classmates ov mine n asked them about my activity in the class the we’re all like “you didn’t pick her phone up once,when you were here,she had her phone n when you were gone for a while n came back after that time she started crying for her phone” after listening to this n after recalling the entire situation over n over again.. I did believe that it was her…but still as a Muslim I’m a bit worried that what if it was my mistake??what if I’m accusing her of nothing??what if I’m forgetting something??because of all these voices in my head in really having a hard time n I’m really worried…I had to tell my mam about this because if in future she will do something wrong my teacher will know that she is lying…for my own safety I had to tell her but at the same time what if she is innocent n I’m the one who is the one to be blamed n punished???


Alaykum Salaam

The best thing is to have a good opinion (husn al-zan), explain the
situation and your confusion about the exact details to the person
concerned and ask their forgiveness for any hurt you may have caused and
then put the matter behind you

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer