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Benefits of Ziyarat-e-Nahiya


Salam what are the benefits and merits of reciting ziyarat e nahiya also how do I become a part of Imam Mahdi’s 313?


Bismillah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem

Salam Alaikum

Ziarah al-nahiyah al-muqaddasa is a ziarah of Imam Husayn, reported to have been recited by our 12th Imam himself. The merits of the ziarah of Imam Husayn are plenty, as mentioned in detail in the book of ziyarah and supplications, Mafaatih al-Jinan.

Being a follower of the Imam means to obey Allah and fulfill all our responsibilities in every aspects of our lives. The Imam’s high station comes from his proximity to Allah, and therefore to be close to the Imam, we also must strive for proximity to Allah, and this is not achieved except by implementing, as a first step, all that which Allah has made waajib on us, and avoiding all that He has made haraam, with regards to our personal life and social life.We should also increase our knowledge of the religion, because we cannot act properly without knowledge. The more knowledge we have, the better we will be able to differentiate Truth from falsehood, and our actions will also have more value as they will be performed with cognizance. Reading books should be an essential part of our lives. The main topics that we need to study are aqaaid (beliefs), ahkaam (Islamic laws) and akhlaq (ethics). Many books are available on the topics of akhlaq and aqaaid, but we should chose books that are suitable for our own level, starting with simple books, and moving our way up to deeper books. It is advisable to consult the scholars on which books to read, because although many books are available for purchase, their target audience differs. Of course, the ahkaam should be studied through the risaalah of our marja’ taqlid. May Allah give us tawfiq to obey Him and increase us in knowledge, and include us among the followers of the Imam


Yassir .R.