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How can i stop my husband from Cheating ?


Aslam o Alykum Sir! Please Help me. I met the first time my husband 3 months ago after 2 years of my nikah. I have seen some pictures and chat that he was cheating on me and have relationships with other girls in my absence. he is very kind towards me. but he never starts a full husband-wife relationship yet. its almost three months now. when I try to ask anything related to cheating he becomes too angry I m very much afraid. if I decide not to ask then I m not happy inside and feel so sad and pain in my heart I cant manage to trust him. the fear is that if he continues these things behind me how can I stop him? I am so much confused and stressed. My mother lost one eye and my father is also so ill. I don’t want to discuss and quit this relation. I m so tensed. I m losing interest in life. please help me in light of ISLAM. Thanks


Waalykum salam sister 

Thank you for your question
It is indeed difficult to tackle such sensitive issues especially when the opposite person is not ready to discuss it.
For your situation I would suggest
1- Speak about some other cases and issues and how people’s lives fall apart because either partner was cheating on the other. This will certainly ring some bells and he will be able to relate and InshaAllah bring some changes!?
2- Keep him busy. Life as husband wife is to enjoy. Make sure your daily life is jam packed with exciting things where he finds lesser time to sit behind the screen. Also, loving him and giving extra attention might result into you some extra value for your relation together
3- Make a lot of dua for yourselves. Set aside charity, and make sure you spend  plentiful time speaking to Allah and pour out your heart. That way you will feel better and InshaAllah Allah will help him understand better
4- If things don’t work- God Forbid- try speak to some who he listens and let him help further. Your local Aalim can help InshaAllah

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery