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How can I pronounce surah properly during salah?


Asalmu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Ya sheikh I get a lot of waswas in my salah and I attempt to whisper the surahs in my salah. I have also heard that changing the letters in fatiha change the meaning and invalidate salah. I struggle with this because there are a few letters in the Fatiha which are hard such as the letter ha in ihdinas siratal mustaqeem. How can I pronounce this because I feel that the ‘ha’ turns soft and changes the meaning this affects my khushoo hugely and I need to fix this fast. Jazakamullah


Salamun Alaykum

I appreciate you want to pronounce the Quranic words properly in order to make your Salah valid. At the same time, you shouldn’t get waswas. If you know you are pronouncing the letters accurately and properly, you shouldn’t worry about it but if you are certain that you are not pronouncing them properly then get guidance from someone who can pronounce the letters correctly and you can read for him and get the work done easily.
This way the waswas will also eliminate and it will become easier to solve this issue. We don’t have the audio option here otherwise I would have helped you by correcting your pronunciation.

The letter in the verse mentioned is ه which is pronounced just like the letter “H” and shouldn’t be mixed with the letter “ح“. Outside Salah, try pronouncing the same word اهدنا with the normal ه and repeat it as many times possible so you are well versed with it and can utter it without mixing with the other ح. If you practice outside Salah, it will not affect the Khushu while praying.

Listening to the Qari and then repeating after it will help you too, to improve the pronunciation and hence fight against the waswas.

You can watch this video to differentiate between ح and ه:

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider