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How can I know that Allah is razi with me


Hi, I have a question from dr zakir. Salam sir, hope you are doing good. My question is, is there anyway to.confirm if Allah is agreed with us, wo raazi hai,has he forgiven me? Yeh I committed some mistakes and seek.his forgiveness. I do pray, and read dua e astaghfar. But seems like he has not forgiven me. What can I do in this situation. I am suffering with bad health, losing my relationships, work related issues, late marriage issues. Even if I try to do something good with people, they don’t acknowledge and think negative about me. Please reply me. Regards, Maheen


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
Allah (SWT) is extremely loving and kind. HE knows as someone who easily accepts the repentance of HIS servants. So once you have repented in the right way, rest assured HE has forgiven you (one of the main condition of repentance is that you never ever go back to the sin again!)
Besides the above, your problems don’t directly mean that Allah hasn’t forgiven you. It only means that there are somethings that you need to work on better like relations, your health etc. Make sure you work on these in the right way and Inshallah things will change.
If you still feel heavy-hearted and worried, give some charity and spend some time speaking to Allah on your own. Pour out your heart and express your love and concern, and Inshallah you will achieve the inner peace you’re looking for and all the problems will get solved!
In my duas,


Naajiya Jaffery