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How can a person be sent to hell, if he was not exposed to Islam at all?


Assalamualikum .

This question is nowadays revolving in my mind and I lack the ability to find it’s answer . I feel as if I am close to leave Islam sometimes and then revert back. I am confused to please give me a satisfactory answer.
My question is , we are all born humans. We do what we are taught by our surroundings. Now the enemies of prophet react naturally, What a person does is  that if anyone speak against their God they retaliate aggressively. I mean it’s a human nature. Today even (let’s assume Hinduism is right ), a Hindu scholar comes to preach us ,in our mosque our society ,we will abuse him even without listening to him. I mean it all depends where you live where are you are born and How are u exposed to Islam. If I would have born a Christian in the West, there is no way I would have even read about last prophet Muhammad and the problem comes that we are expected to follow Islam. I mean it’s like a bunch of wrappers with only one having chocolate. A human can be convinced by any thing there’s no harm he sees in it.
And at the end the great fire is awaiting us, What would they meet, as they were born in west ?The point is that the field is not equal and it’s not like that you have to spent 100 years in prison,its hell fire .How could Allah  let a person  burn even for a second but we know that  the punishment is beyond bearable and apparently injustice is done to all those who will be  sent to hell and to those who were not exposed to Islam in a way they should have .

Please clarify .


Wa Alaikum al-salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Thanks for your question

Surely, every environment has some sort of effect on its inhabitants; but that effect is not conclusive as there are examples of Muslims that was born and raised in non-Muslim or atheistic families, also there are people who were born and raised as Muslims but now they don’t believe in Islam so environment and surroundings in not the only reason for peoples belief. Such understanding is against the Prophet hood as well, because historically almost all of prophets were chosen from their own people  as we can see in Quran 14:4 “We did not send any apostle except with the language of his people” so all prophets came from the same environment of non-believers.

There are other elements that are more important than environment and surroundings like intellect that effects greatly on our understanding and selection. That is why in Shia belief system we believe that principle and pillars of religion (core foundation of religion) cannot be accepted by following others, but acceptance must be through reasoning and thinking.

On the other hand, everyone must follow the truth and seek the right path, but there are differences between those who were born in this environment and those who weren’t (the same way that current Muslims are different than those at the time of prophet (sawa), because they saw him and had direct access to him but we don’t).

A non-Muslims either has access to Islam or not, having access means being able to get the messages of Islam, so if that person couldn’t get to know Islam because of his surroundings and environment, won’t go to hell; of course if that person had accesses to Islam (for example if he had a Muslim friend etc.) and didn’t do anything in order to find the right path then he will end up in hellfire.


May Allah swt guide all of us to what pleases him.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi