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How big is a sin to Break someone


I’m very depressed and want to ask a question, i am not able to sleep and very heartbroken, The issue is that I’m in love with my cousin, We are talking with each other for like two years, We never met each other as it is not good, Never crossed the limits which are in Islam, We just talked on whatsapp, My intentions were clear, and want to get married, After two years now i asked my parents to send proposal as we love each other, they denied and are not going to accept my this request. So in order i stopped talking to her and asked to leave me as my parents are not agreed, I broke her heart, Kindly let me know how big sin is it to break a heart and how can i be normal again. Due to the pressure of my parents i agreed and stopped talking to her.


Al Salam Alaykum

first I must say, your relation with your cousin was inappropriate . Talking with Namahram must be kept as minimum as possible; specially where there is feelings involved.

about breaking her heart you must talk to your parents first with kindness and with no anger. there are many ways to ask a request or want. when you ask them with respect and tell them about your feelings, because they want your happiness they may accept. also you can get help from an elder or friend or scholar, respected by your parents to gain their satisfaction.

after all of these if you can not get their blessing, breaking her heart because it was out of your hand has no sin.

also remember your parents have more experience than you and want a good life for you, may be there are things they can see and you overlooked it. accept their advise with your whole heart. It will help you to feel better.

Allah hide many good things for us and because we don’t know the future we get depressed. may be something better awaits you!

best regards!