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How and Where I can spend my haram money to cause good effect on my hereafter life .


Assalamu alaikum
I am a little bit more concerned about my money.
As I have haram money from betting and also playing cricket on money. In the last 2-3 years I used this money on some other way such as in travelling to Dubai and I have expended my all money thereafter expending all my haram money.
I got new money from my father’s halal money so is this money halal for me or not?

And also how and where I can spend my haram money to cause a good effect on my hereafter life.
Please do needful as soon as possible.
Please give me a proper explanation in the light of Islam.
Thanks and regards


Wa Alaykumussalam

I appreciate that you want to live according to Islamic Shariah.

A person doesn’t become the owner of the money received through gambling.

If you know the person then you should return that particular amount but if you don’t know who it belongs to, then you should get permission from your Mujtahid’s office and either give it as Sadaqah or pay as Radd-e-Mazdhalim.

If the money your father has earned is Halal, then definitely you can use it in Halal purposes as the earned money is through Halal earning.

You asked where you can spend your haram money to cause good effects on your hereafter. Regarding this, remember the haram things cannot make a positive effect unless that is out of the haram state. Therefore, if you still have some haram money you should return it to its owner or pay as Sadaqah on his behalf.

If you know the person whom you got the money from, and are not able to pay back if the amount was big then speak to that person and get his consent so he can forgive you and if you don’t know the person then refer to your Mujtahid’s office.

Ask for forgiveness from Allah(swt)

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider