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Marriage of Prophet Muhammad to Hadhrat Khadija


Can you Prove From Islamic History and Literature that the marriage of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and Hazrat Khatija (R.A) was “not” a Love marriage?


Salaam Alaykum.

May the Almighty accept our azaa for Sayyidush Shuhadaa (a).

Both the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and Lady Khadija (a) were renowned with
the Quraysh for their nobility and exalted morals. The Almighty Allah (swt)
attest to this in the Holy Quran. As for Prophet Muhammad (s), He says:
Indeed you [O Muhammad] are of a great moral character  (Q 68:4). As for
the financial support that the Prophet received especially for his missionary
work, Allah says: And He found you [O Muhammad] poor and made [you]
self-sufficient (Q 93:8), amongst other things, through Khadija’s wealth.
History also mentions about these two individuals possessing great
qualities. Sayyid Ali Asghar Rizvi writes in his book A Restatement of the
History of Islam and Muslims, ‘ Just as the Makkans called Muhammad ‘Sadiq’
and ‘Ameen,’ they called Khadija Tahira, which means “the pure one.”‘.

Numerous books have been written on the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) by
Muslims and non-Muslims. Most, if not all of these, write about the blessed
marriage of Prophet Muhammad (s) and Sayyida Khadija (a) in positive note.
It is the first time that we are hearing it from the questioner about the
so-called ‘love marriage’ of these holy personalities.

Hasanayn Kassamali

Academy for Learning Islam