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Holy Imam/s (as) & Holy Ladies (as) Visiting the Majlis


Salaam Alaykum,

I would like to have A Clarification on the matter we often hear from minibars about Holy personalities visiting the mosques/or places were majaalises of Imam Hussain (a) are being held. We often hear , especially during masaeb that Bibi Fatema (a) visits the place were Majlis -e-Hussain (a) is being held. Or sometimes its Bibi Zainab(a) or our 4th holy Imam (s) and they sit near the shoes of believers crying for Imam(a).

Kindly explain 1. The reality of this claim/belief

2.Do they have any support from the Ahadith from ahlulbayt and its Authenticity

3.The origin


1. The claim is often been mentioned  by scholars during Majalis
especially in the holy month of Muharram . The claim is not about their
physical presence. Rather it’s about the presence of their DUAS and
blessings during the majlis as they are fond of those majalis and
appreciate whoever convene the majalis in their names or that of their
sons or fathers. Some scholars are of the view that one of the component
of the Imams make is light. So it’s the presence of that light during the
majalis. Imam Baqir (as) said: ” blessings of Allah be on the one who
keeps our affiars alive”

2. One of those  Hadith which is often use to support the claim is
hadith reported by Baqir Majlisi in his Bihar volume 98 page 55 ” Fatima
the daughter of the prophet visits the visitors of her son Husein and ask
for forgiveness on their behalf”

3. The origin is the above mentioned hadith and others

Nuru mohammed