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History about the door of cure at shrine of Imam Reza (as).


Salaam Alaykum,
As I know in all the Masum’s shrine there is no door of shifaa(cure),Except for the shrine of Imam Ali Ridha (A.S).. What is the history(story) behind this door??



Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

It’s called the Window of Steel(Panjar-e-Fulad), which millions of people visit every year in the hope of getting cured and healing. The Window of Steel (Fulad Window) is a giant outdoor steel and bronze lattice wall first installed some 400 years ago outside the shrine of Imam Raza(as), for those unable to enter the actual Zareeh itself.

Millions of pilgrims each year visit Imam Raza(a.s)’s Haram, the spiritual nucleus of Iran, visit for Ziarah and to get cures for their diseases.

As mentioned above, basically this window of steel was built so the people can do Ziarah from the courtyard and not for cure and healing diseases. But since people started getting Shifa and cure from that particular place, it became famous and people go there with the intention to get a cure and many succeed in getting it. But it is not mandatory that everyone who goes there should get cured.

Similarly, many people go to Imam Hussain(as)’s Ziarat and get Shifa from there and the same way many would get their Hajaat and wishes fulfilled from other Imams’ shrines. And in other Harams there is no such door of Shifa, but we have a hadith which says making Dua under the Qubba(dome) of Imam Hussain’s Zareeh, will be accepted. As stated in one of the Ziarats, we recite:

السلام على من الإجابة تحت‏ قبته‏.

We should remember that along with Duas to get our prayers and Hajaat accepted, we must have the conditions of doing Dua in a proper way so it can be accepted such as asking with Ikhlas, with humbleness, with hope etc.

To read about “Miraculous Healing by Imam Reza(A.S.)” please visit:

May Allah(swt) grant you success an


Syed Haider