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History about Adam and Hawa


According to Islamic faith Adam and Hawa were the first humans on earth, Where did  they land ? Please name the place and where is it mentioned. Please provide the reference from The Holy Q’uran or Hadith only.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

Regarding the place where Adam and Eve landed, there are different viewpoints but it is not mentioned in Quran. The different opinions are as follows:

  1. Adam landed in India and Eve landed in Jeddah
    This group believes Prophet Adam to have landed in Saranbid, Saraandib, Sarandid, Naheel, Baheel etc.

It is mentioned in a hadith from Imam Ali(as) where he mentions the place of landing Prophet Adam Sarandib which is in Srilanka

  1. The mountains of Safa, Marwa and Abu Quwais
    According to the history Prophet Adam landed on the mountain Safa and even landed on the mount Marwa.
    Hadith from Imam Sadiq(as) quotes this.

We will have to summarize the two opinions and narration. But not to forget that it is not compulsory on us to know where they have landed and not knowing it will neither create any problem. And maybe this is the reason that Qur’an hasn’t mentioned it, if it was necessary, the Holy Qur’an would have mentioned it.

There are many Ahadith from our Imams which state that Prophet Adam and Hawa(as) landed in Makkah. So Makkah has been related to the landing place as it is counted as a Holy place.

The question arises from the verse where the Almighty has pointed to the expelling of Adam from the Garden and making him live outside it with the term “Hubut(هُبُوط)”. There is a discussion amongst the commentators in order to understand this particular word.

Question: What does it mean when it is said that Adam (pbuh) descended from heaven?

Concise Answer: “Hubut” means to come down and descend, and it is the opposite of Su’ud (ascension) and sometimes it means to settle down in a certain place.

In order to explain the Hubut of Prophet Adam first we need to understand what the heavenly Garden he was living in was like and whether or not it was a Garden on earth or in a different world. One thing is for sure and that is the Garden was not eternal, therefore what is meant by the Hubut that has been mentioned in various Quranic verses is that he was expelled from the Garden that he lived in (which was a Garden on the earth) and was forced to cope with the inconveniences and difficulties of living outside the Garden.

Read the detailed answer from the following link:

This doesn’t mean that he indulged in any sin because we believe that Prophets are infallibles(Masoom) and they neither commit sin nor error. Regarding Prophet Adam it is said it was Tarke Awla and not a sin.

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Syed Haider