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Hindu – Marriage


I got married to a hindu girl in 2016 she got converted to islam and following that since than!! Her family did not accept her now she is pregnant and her family is forcing her to do a hindu wedding with me as she is seeing it a chance to reunite with her family. Now she is pregnant she doesn’t want to do that but her parents are forcing her to do so, my question is if she insist to do so to please her family what should i do? If i say no it might spoil our relationship and i am worried about the future of the child. He family said once we get you married according to our religion that we do not have issue if our daughter continues to practice islam and raise her kids as muslim. I want to know worst case scenario if she wants to go with her parents so what should i do? If i leave her what would happen with my child? Please help me with this issue.


Waalaykum Salam

For your Query I contacted the office of Sayyid Sistani and they said:
Islam already recognizes you as man and wife. And that suffices for everyone else to recognize you in the same way.
It is incorrect for you to remarry your own wife according to some other faith.
Kind regards and good luck


Naajiya Jaffery