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Salaam Alaikum

My name is Azmira and I live in UAE . My question is concerning Hijab. I have heard the type of hijab one chooses to wear should vary depending on the country one lives in. For example , a teacher in Iran told me that to wear full black chadar ( like Iranian chadar) is not very appropriate choice of hijab in a country like canada because in canada those who wear full black chadar are included among the bad ones. So my question is , is it fine for me to wear Iranian chadar in country like UAE? If Iranian chadar is not the correct choice so maybe you might tell me wear abaya as this is what Arabs of UAE wear. But here I would like to ask a second question. As the philosophy of Islam in concern with hijab says that there is no particular Islamic dress in Islam , all those dress which fulfills the conditions of hijab is considered islamic dress, so, if I wear other cloths like skirt and blouse or coat and pant , long shirts and pant , or shalwar kameez making sure that it fulfills the conditions of hijab , will these dress will be as modest as the Arabic black abaya? I asked this question because I wanted to wear Iranian chadar because it is an an hijab of higher degree , better then abaya even if the kind of abaya you choose to wear fulfills all the conditions of hijab , because Iranian chadar even covers the shoulders and is extra loose. So my question is , even if other kind of dressing like I mention above will cover the conditions of hijab , will abaya be an hijab of higher degree in comparition to these clothings or not necessarily , it is of same level ?

I would like specify that i am student and I might go to university or institution to continue my studies . And I would also like to specify that people of many nationalities and religion lives in UAE. Please if possible try to enquire further about UAE environment , culture and government so that I get the best answer.

Thank you for your help , time and consideration


Waiting desperately for your answer

With duas



Alaykum assalaam sister Azmira

From your writing I understand that you already have a good understanding of Hijab.
Yes, chaadors are of higher degree, but today the Islamic chador galleries have more to offer than just Iranian chaadors; Lebanese Abayas, Iraqi Abayas, Saudi abayas, …are just a few to mention.
Considering your geographical location, and governmental expectation, it will be wise to refrain from wearing an Iranian chador since, Shiaism, which is directly connected to Iran and its code of dressing is quiet alarming in your country. Also considering the fact that you wish to pursue your studies further, it will be wiser to sought to a substitute..(some of which have been mentioned above)
Coming to your second question, yes local Abayas in your country will be considered a better hijab than resolving to salwar kameez and or otherwise. Because it covers your body and shape better than the clothes you mentioned (you may opt to design your own Abaya to suite your needs)
It is worth mentioning that on a personal survey this is what the locals had to say about wearing an Iranian chador in UAE: “it’s ok to wear but, but locals question and stare”, “she will be the only one”, “I tried to wear it at school and everybody questioned including my teacher”, “it’s a personal choice really, but she will be outstanding in the crowd”, “she might be glared at because she announces shiaism with her clothes”…

May Allah (AJ) grant us the ability to perform the best and help you make your decision Ameen