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Can we pay some part of the money of Khums to a relative in the family who is in need of money. For example if my Khums Bill is £10000, can I pay her £2500 a year so it can help her meet day to day expenses in her life. Since she is a divorced and has a son who is studying.


Alaykum Salaam

The khums is divided into a portion for the Imam (A) and a portion for the needy amongst the descendants of the Prophet (S) – these monies are to be remitted to the Marja and are administered by him. They cannot be used in the way you describe, except with the permission of the Marja.

However, my recommendation is to help this family member through the rest of the savings (80%) which remains with you. In this there is great blessing and in your case, a duty also.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer