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Helping a client sell his product


I am a Advertising Specialists who helps clients to increase their sales with advertisement on amazon. Recently a client approached me to help him out, now the products he is selling, I am not so sure if it’s ok for me as a Muslim to work on.
The product is herb grinder, which sounds fine and innocent but most of the customer searching for product use it to grind weed and cannabis. Now the product itself is not directly intended to this market. Its main purpose is to grind herbs and spices. However it happens to be good for grinding weed as well as it is a herb as well.
Now my question is that I know that some customers will in fact use it as a weed grinder, Will I be helping them out in their gunnah? Would I get gunnah? Should I work on this product or not?


Salamun alaykum,

Regarding your query about the herb grinder the general rule is that if the appliance has both halal and haram usage then it is permissible to sell or advertise that product. But as a precaution you should be careful that people are not attracted towards it’s haram usage. Otherwise overall there is no restriction on advertising this product even if one is sure that some people might use it for haram purposes.
An example can be given of advertising for a knife which has both halal and haram usage. So if a person on his own discretion uses a product like a knife to hurt someone that act is his personal responsibility and will not be associated with the person selling the product to him.
This hopefully clears the issue for you inshAllah.
Iltimase Dua.
Ahmad Danish.