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Help from hypocritical people is allowed in Isalm


My question is about hypocrites .
Does Islam allow Muslim to get help from those who help non-Muslim to destroy a Muslim and that hypocrite help non-Muslim for years. Is it allow in Islam to get help from that hypocrite for jihad against non-Muslim. And how could Muslim recognize that the hypocrite is helping us or it is just using Muslim for his own benefit.


(if you have any information about this please help out this)


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

According to Quran Muslims can’t rely on hypocrites for support because of their nature of hypocrisy; Allah (swt) says in multiple places of Quran explains their nature like 59:11,12 “Have you not regarded the hypocrites who say to their brethren, the faithless from among the People of the Book, ‘If you are expelled, we will surely go out with you, and we will never obey anyone against you, and if you are fought against we will surely help you,’ and Allah bears witness that they are indeed liars* Surely, if they were expelled they will not go out with them, and if they were fought against they will not help them, and [even if] they were to help them they will turn their backs [to flee] and eventually they will not be helped.”

Also prophet (sawa) didn’t accept their help in Quran 9:83 “If Allah brings you back [from the battlefront] to a group of them(hypocrite) and they seek your permission to go forth, say, ‘You shall never go forth with me, and you shall not fight with me against any enemy. …”

So Muslims cannot use the help of hypocrites.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi