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Hazrat Umar rumours or truth


i am a muslim and hazrat umer is my favourite of all the khalifa’s . Its not that i don’t like or love other caliphs infact i love them also it’s just that hazrat umer has all the qualities which i want to have when i become a leader that’s why i adore him more . I have been very disturbing to see know throght some videos that hazrat umer killed the baby of hazrat fatima and he also speak to prophet in a bad manner . this is very disturbing to me . the man i follow and adore and love for a long time and i suddenly came to know that he did this whom can i adore now if the caliph have done that is it really true .? please get back to me i adore hazrat umar and i do not believe he has done that please answer back since my life depends on it


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

It is indeed very good to have strong and powerful role model. History is one of the best source to look into and see how many people were really good leaders and succeeded in life.

It’s really interesting as to how you’re looking up to someone in history and trying to follow his steps. According to all the Islamic sects (and non Islamic too), prophet Muhammad (s) is the best leader that Humanity has ever known.
His conduct, his leadership, his ibadah, his trustworthiness, his sayings… etc
You may want to go though a lot of history books and see how you can make simple changes in life to adopt his Akhlaq.

According to many sources, in many Muslim sects, it is mentioned that Lady Faatimah zahra (s)’s child was killed in her womb and it all happened after the demise of the Holy prophet (s). This act also caused herself to die as a Martyr few days later.

I’d suggest you read all the sources available – both historical and Ahadith (Both Shia ans Ahl-Sunnah sources)

Some sources:
1- al-Shafii Fil Imamah vol3, p240
2- Bihar al-Anwaar, vol28, p388, vol 29 p647
3- Tarikh Yaqubi vol2 , p 126
4- Tarikh Tabari vol 2, p 443
5- Ansab al-Ashraf vol1 p587
6- Talkhis al-Shafii vol 3, p76
7- al-Aqd al farid vol 5, p 13

The same books hold further stories of the same incident

Hope this is helpful
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery