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Sleeping problems


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hello, I have a problem where I cannot sleep in a good time. It is either too late to sleep or I’m going to miss fajr prayer or too early to sleep where I only sleep something about 2 hours and after some time I start to feel sleepy. I try making myself tried by doing exercise but no luck. I mostly feel sleepy in a good to sleep when I want to perform a prayer, but after performing it the sleepiness goes away. Is there any advice of how I can design my day, should I make the stuff that me tired in the early morning so I can get enough energy from food just to continue my day until isha prayer is over, or should I make them when it’s near sleep time. And what if I don’t get tired enough to sleep? Please help. Waiting for a response.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

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My Niece is 10 and has a horrible anxiety or fear of sleep

For wanting to wake up for Fajr, it is recommended to recite Ayah 110 of Surah Anfaal, before sleeping and InshaAllah you will wake up on time for it.
Intention too plays a major role. Serious intention after understanding the importance of the Salat will also help.

Also, I would suggest you see a medical profession and find out as to why you don’t sleep Enough. There has to be an underlying cause. It’s never So serious to worry but it’s better to know what the reason is, and attend to It InshaAllah.

Kind regards,