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having gas station that sells Israeli products


Is having a gas/petrol station that sells Israeli products, such as Nestle products, Coca Cola, etc. which you make money off selling, considered haram money? In the United States of America, it is inevitable to buy Israeli products because the medicine that we get is from Israel, our taxes go to Israel, restaurants that we eat at sell Israeli products, etc. What does Ayatollah Sistani specifically mean when he says ‘you cannot buy Israeli products’. Does that also mean you cannot sell such products. These products are everywhere, even in Muslim countries.


Wa alaikum as-salam

According to Ayatollah Sistani any transaction that benefits Israel is not permissible

(Not Permissible by Ayatollah Sistani /, Buying & Selling Products 4th question)

About selling israeli products in your gas station, surely there is a way to find other products that doesn’t come from Israel regime.

Sheikh Mossaiyyebi