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have too much doubts about Allah


Sir please help me I am very confused About Allah And Islam. There are to much doubts in my Heart About Allah.i fear that I would become an Atheists.please help me.I think that my iman is going from me. My belief has gone. Please help me..


Salaam and thank you for your question.
You asking this question shows how concerned you are about your faith. It does not mean you have lost your faith just because you have questions. Its completely normal to have questions.To be able to keep our faith steadfast in these times and era is a very difficult task so we as muslims have to increase our knowledge and know  about our religion as much as we can. Even the Holy prophet and our imams used to tell the people to ask questions and know more about islam and that can help us in strengthening our faith.

Your question needs a good few sittings and detailed answer, but i will try to briefly answer it.
About Allah if we sit  and truly think  about our existence (how we came into this world), our needs(every second of our life we are in need of oxygen, we need water, food), if we look  at the beautiful things around us that are in order and in their own place; if the sun was a bit further away we all would have frozen or if it was a bit closer we would have melted, the trees that take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen so we can breath, the flowers with their beautiful color combinations, the bees who make enough honey for themselves and us, the cows who have enough milk for their calf’s and for us, the underwater life…… it is impossible for all this to have come into existence by itself. If we see a few volumes science book, we would never think that this book just came into existence on its own, we would be sure that a knowledgeable writer has written this; in.the same way when we see this universe, we realize that there is someone powerful, wise and knowledgeable who has brought this universe into existence.

Have we ever thought who helps us when we are in difficulties, when we get so helpless and all the doors of hope get closed for us?? A man came to Imam Sadiq(as) and said: Oh Imam please guide me towards Allah. The imam asked:” have u ever been on a ship or a boat?” The man replied,”yes”.
The imam asked,” have you ever come across a situation where your boat breaks in the middle of the sea and there is no one to The man said, yes. The imam.asked,” at that point, didn’t your feel deep down that there is someone powerful who can help you?”. The man replied,”yes”. The Imam said that someone powerful that you can feel inside your heart  is Allah(swt).

This was just a brief answer as it is not possible to give a detailed answer here. As for your doubts and questions related to islam(which you haven’t specifically mentioned in your question) you should read more books related to aqaid and islam and even ask religious, learned scholars your specific doubts and questions and i.hope you get all the answers inshaAllah.
May Allah help us all to stay steadfast on the right path and save us from shaytan till the end of our lives.

Zahra Davdani.