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have started hating my Destiny and just blames ALLAH


I don’t feel like praying anything.I have started hating my Destiny and indirect or directly somewhere just blames ALLAH for my destiny.
My mother and sister are really sister got married and she has a baby boy.
Before marriage, her husband had married her saying they’ll stay separately and not with family.he had told the same to us.
but after marriage my sister stayed few months in her husband house with his family.she had lot of issues and we brought her to our home.
We asked her husband to keep her seperate as told earlier and he had agreed but later now denying saying ‘my mother told me I can only seperate from the family if my mother dies.’
He is really bad person..not even a single responsibility of my sister has been taken by him.
He Doesn’t want to stay with my sister sister has problems staying with his family…His family suggest to leave my sister in our house only and not to take care.
He doesn’t even care if she stays or not.He talks to her with disrespect and also has hit her more than a couple of times.
I’m suggesting her to get a divorce and stay happily.
She doesn’t wanna leave him and says he is a good person just influenced by family.
From past 8 to 9 months the environment around in our house has become very bad.eveyday fights and I keep trying to say this is not the way we live life .
I don’t know what advise you have for her.
I’m fed up of all this .
Cursing my destiny I have even stopped praying .
Sometimes I feel like praying but all the things going around me makes me hate my life and even kill my self.
I have no idea what Islam has in this for me.


Salams Sister.

We as Muslims should always remember one principle and that is according to our belief, God rewards man for his sufferings, whether he be a Muslim or a non‑Mu‑s­lim.
Those persons who have committed sins get reward of sufferings in the form of remission of the punishment in the life hereafter. And those who did not commit any sin, like Prophets and Imams, and still suffered most of all, will be rewarded by higher and greater prestige and honor in the presence of Allah.
Bearing this in mind, you still have a good reason to continue praying however hopeless the situation may feel, and trust that Allah is greater in power to remove all the problems that everyone can ever face.
As far as your sister is concerned, although it is good to share her sadness and advice her at the same time, it is not upon you to take the burden of her situation and start cursing your life. Everyone is supposed to handle their own lives in their own ways. The most we could do is to exhort them to do their best and pray for them, then leave the result on Allah. He is the most wise and Merciful and knows what is the most appropriate thing for His creatures in the right time. If the situation with her husband has become so bad, she will soon come to realize it and ask for the separation herself. If her husband really wanted to keep their marriage, he would also try to do something about it. There should be one person to give good advice to her atleast, instead of wallowing into self pity and anger or frustration all the time.
Bearing this in mind, it is useless to worry and loose hope. Instead, drive away the satanic instigations and start afresh by repenting, hoping and doing all you can to make things better. I can promise you that you will see a ray of hope soon and feel so much tranquility within yourself too, inshAllah.

Salma Alavi.