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what should I do? Wait for him or forget the guy and obey my brother


Assalamualaikum. I’m from Bangladesh and I’ve fallen into a problem.please help me to get solution as soon as possibe.
I’m from a conservative family and so conservative in nature. I offer 5 waqt salah and siam with full faith. Even i never thought to be in relationship with anyone. But for passing time once I was using an app and through that, i met a guy from another country. He is Muslim, and very much serious about me and i have become also.At first he was kind of flirty person but after having the touch of mine, he is gradually changing himself. But people’s habit doesn’t change within a day. It’s being 6 months that we are in relationship. I wanted to maintain the purity of it as just connecting two heart as he committed he’ll manage my family and marry me within 2-3 years after being settled, he is a student so need time for that.
I was mentally so much attached that by the time he influenced me to do (sex chat) though at the beginning i didn’t want to do so but at last i was influenced.
One day my brother checked my social media account and he was fully broken seeing my activities. He have stopped talking with me and want me to stop this.
That guy, with whom i’m in a relationship, except this factor he’s good from all side, his heart is so good. And he was changing himself only for me and i have been so attached with him. Even i can’t think about anyone except him. I have confident that he’ll fulfill his promise.
my qs are-
should i wait for him and maintain secret conversation with him without any sexual activities by doing toubah
Try to forget him by listening to my brother.
And how to get back the trust that i have broken


Wa alaykum Salam
Thank you for your question.
It is very natural for an unmarried person who is looking for an appropriate spouse to get attracted and impressed by the opposite gender.
But we should keep in mind that the most important thing before starting any relationship is to have enough primary information about each other.
And for knowing each other, apart from talking to each other, it is very important to get information from people who know him/her.

In your case,the things you know about the boy  is what you have heard from himself.
How sure are you that whatever he has told you is true?!
How sure are you that he has changed himself because of you whilst the only time you are with him is when you speak to each other online and it is very easy to pretend to be good at that time.

My suggestion is that if you want to continue your relationship with him,do it with the permission of your family. Allow them to do some inquiry about him, this will make it easier for you to make a right decision.
Always remember that nobody can take the place of your immediate family in your life.

Talk to your brother and tell him you are sorry try and explain to him that you like the boy without his (brother’s) help it is not possible to take this relationship further.

Our prayers are with you. May Allah help you to take  the best decision.

Sukaina Taqavi