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Halal or haram to start a YouTube channel


Assalam o Alaikum. All praise to Allah (SWT). Respected sir. I want to ask that I’ve been thinking for a long time to start a YouTube channel about knowledge and technical information. or like some thing else. where i will share videos and audio. It’s a fact that if I share a video. Despite a lot of effort, women’s pictures will be included in some videos. WILL IT BE SIN? and if people like my videos and share them. will all the sin of viewer Will be in my part? and if i earn money from those videos IS THAT MONEY ALSO FORBIDDEN? Please Please help me. i shell be very thankful to you sir. May Allah (SWT) gives you the reward Umair Meer


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question
Your Question needs a little more clarification.

However if women’s pictures are used for a correct and respectable content and not something haram and disrespectful for her then it Is perfectly ok. (The women should appear respected in pictures, as in, modestly dressed and for respectful things)

Naajiya Jaffery