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Salamun Alaikum,

In western Countries, chicken is slaughtered by machine but there are muslim people standing just to recite BismIllah Are that kind of chicken HALAL?

According to Islamic Laws Masael # 2603 Animal should be facing Qiblah but here is USA most of the slaughtered house they do not face animal towards Qiblah, what is the ruling on that, is that Halal?

Please reply. jazakallah



I am penning down Ayatullah Sistani’s ruling on slaughtering  of animals.

When an animal is slaughtered, it should be facing Qibla. If the animal is sitting or standing, then facing Qibla would be like a man standing towards Qibla while praying. And if it is lying on its right or left side, then its neck and stomach should be facing Qibla. It is not necessary that its legs, hands and face be towards Qibla. If a person who knows the rule, purposely ignores placing the animal towards Qibla, the animal would become haraam; but if he forgets or does not know the rule, or makes a mistake in ascertaining the Qibla, or does not know the direction of Qibla, or is unable to turn the animal towards Qibla, there is no objection. As a recommended precaution, the person slaughtering should also face Qibla.

(iv) When a person wants to slaughter an animal, just as he makes the Niyyat to slaughter, he should utter the name of Allah, and it suffices if he says ‘Bismillah’ only, or if he utters ‘Allah’. But if he utters the name of Allah without the intention of slaughtering the animal, the slaughtered animal does not become Clean (tahir/pak) and it is also haraam to eat its meat. And if he did not utter the name of Allah forgetfully, there is no objection.

from the above ruling we cannot consume meat which has not been slaughtered in the Islamic way.

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 Issue 2592: * If an animal whose meat is halal to eat, is slaughtered in the manner which will be described later, irrespective of whether it is domesticated or not …

Kanize Zainab