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Nyabat Hajj (Hajj by Delegation)


Is it permissible to delegate the accomplishment of Hajj [istinabatoul-hajj] for one who is ill and thinks he won’t be able to recover well enough to perform Hajj ?


Fatwa of A. Sistani

مسألة ٦٣: إذا استقرّ عليه الحجّ ولم يتمكّن من الحجّ بنفسه لمرض أو حصر أو هرم، أو كان ذلك حرجاً عليه ولم يرج تمكنه من الحجّ بعد ذلك من دون حرج ، وجبت عليه الاستنابة . وكذلك من كان مـــوسراً ولــــم يتمكّن من المباشــــــرة أو كانت حرجية، ووجـــوب الاستنابة فـــوري كفوريّــة الحجّ المباشري. [1]


Article 63 : (Translating proposal)

If someone becomes indebted in performing the pilgrimage and cannot perform it by himself because of illness, obstacles from the enemy, old age, or because this constitutes for him an unbearable difficulty (haraj) and he has no hope of being able to perform the pilgrimage himself one day without any difficulty, it is mandatory upon him to perform the Hajj by delegation (it means he has to delegate someone to perform Hajj for him).

It is the same for the one who has the financial means to perform the hajj but cannot perform it himself or he can but it constitutes an unbearable difficulty for him.

The obligation to delegate the accomplishment of Hajj is immediate just as is the obligation of Hajj.

Answer: It is mandatory for the ill person who has no hope of performing Hajj himself to delegate it to someone to perform it for him.

[1] مناسك الحج و ملحقاتها، السيد السيستاني، الناشر: مكتب السيد السيستاني، الطبعة الأولى، قم، 1430هـ