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Haidh in state of Janaba


salaam alykum
Acc to the ruling of Ayat. Seestaani.
What is the condition of a woman who has entered the state of Janabat and before taking the ghusl for it she sees haidh blood.
1. How is she supposed to make her self pure from janabah?
2. Suppose the haidh started during the intercourse and she is unaware, is there any kaffara due on them? if so, wht is the kaffara?



Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question.

Physical relation in haid, that is, her menstrual cycle is haram. A person who knowingly indulges in it has the following to do according to Sayyid Sistani:

Ruling 450. If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife while she is in the state of ḥayḍ, it is obligatory on him to seek forgiveness from Allah. However, giving recompense (kaffārah) is not obligatory on him, even though it is better that he gives kaffārah. The kaffārah for sexual intercourse at the beginning of ḥayḍ is one legal (sharʿī) mithqāl(1) of coined gold, at the middle of ḥayḍ it is half a legal mithqāl, and at the end of ḥayḍ it is one quarter of a legal mithqāl. A legal mithqāl is eighteen nukhuds.(2)

However, in the case you mentioned:
1. Ghusl of Janabah will not be done until she becomes clean from her menstrual cycle. Hence, she will perform a single ghusl with two intentions (Niyyah). 

2. Since you didn’t know about it during the process, there is no kaffarah on you.

May Allah keep you healthy and successful