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hadiths referring souls created by Allah


According to Mulla Sadra’s Theory that soul is created corporeally. That is, there exists at first corporeal soulless matter. Then, under certain conditions, soul comes into being gradually through matter and its substantial motion, how do you reconcile this with those hadiths that say that one of the 1st things that Allah swt created was the Souls (or maybe the exact words might be Noor, im not sure which) of Muhammad & Ahl Muhammad s.a.w.a & that it is infact through them that Angels learned how to glorify Allah swt. Jazakallah Kheir for your time.


Salaam Alaykum,

The Infallibles have 4 stages, one of which is the light stage which is before physical creation. That light status of the Infallibles was present before any other creation whereas the existence of their nafs is related to their worldly existence and therfore there is no contradiction between the two. Even normal human beings souls (ruh) precedes their worldly creation which includes their nafs. It is the nafs that comes into being from corporeal matter not the ruh. The differences are in the different levels of existence.