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Hadith trace – benefits of spending time talking with spouse


What is the explanation of the following hadith? Can it be traced in the most celebrated books of hadith?
‘The Prophet (SAW) has said (paraphrasing) that talking to your wife about your affairs outside the house for one hour is better than an entire night’s worship inside the Prophet’s mosque in Medina’


The original text which I could find is:

جلوس المرء عند عياله أحب إلى الله تعالى من اعتكاف في مسجدي هذا

Translation: To sit beside wife is more appreciable to me than an i’tikaf in this masjid of mine.

Sanad: This hadith could be traced in Sheikh Warram’s book famous as Majmu’ e Warram (7 the century AH). This hadith couldn’t be traced in any other Shia hadith books. Context: There is no context for this hadith as it is occurring in the middle of many other small ahadith of Akhlaq.

Explanation: The content could be justified to some extent. One has to spend time with their spouse to sit and chat. An affectionate relation with ones spouse is highly recommended in Shi’ite narrations. But one can doubt in the accuracy of this narration due to the exaggeration of the thawab mentioned in it. In my humble opinion the comparison of i’tikaf is something suspicious. Because one opts for i’tikaf once in a year (or so) and to do that one should take time out of the family too whereas family union could be done throughout the year.

Shaykh Kumail Rajani