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Hadith about every muslim has three fathers?


Is there a Hadith or any other Islamic reference that has summary like “A Muslim has 3 father

1.His biological father

2.Teacher, his spiritual father

3.Father in law”


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

In the famous books of hadith, there is no trace of this hadith, but in some books that do not have a narrative aspect, there are narrations and this phrase “The three fathers: the father of your son, and the father of your wife, and the father of your knowledge” is mentioned as a hadith.

There is another hadith about the three fathers in the narrative sources, the text and content of which are different from the one mentioned above:

Muawiya bin Ammar narrates from Imam Sadiq(as):

“There are three fathers, the human being who gave birth to the child of the believer, the jinn who gave birth to the believer and Kafir, and the Iblis who gave birth to the Kafir.”

In any case, the phrase in the question, whether it is a hadith or not, is a wise statement that also has a rational justification. To explain this, we should look at the meaning of the word “اب“.

The word “اب” means, anyone who is the cause of creation or who is the cause of your correction or the appearance of something.

According to the literal meaning of “اب“, the relationship of this word with the teacher and the father-in-law also becomes clear; because as father is involved in the physical and spiritual development of children, so the teacher and the father-in-law play an important role in the spirituality and personality development of individuals.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider