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had secret nikah in presence of two witness


Assalam o alaikum I have question . I did a nikkah with a man i have been in a relationship with him since 7 years. So we decided to perform a nikkah in the presence of 2 witnesses one was his brother & other was his friend. We decided to do a secret marriage & after a month we ll announce later. And we also signed on a paper where his and my names plus nic’s numbers were written. And we accept the nikkah thrice time. And he gave me Mehr as well. My question here is if my nikkah is valid or not? Although some people are saying that its valid and others are saying its not valid. And now i’ve told my mom, siblings & friends about my secret marriage & we all are confused that if its valid or not? Please let me know ASAP. Your response is awaited. Thank you.

Waalaykum Salaam,
Please refer to the following link for the conditions of a valid Nikaah:
If the Nikaah was pronounced correctly in Arabic and if the girl has reached the age of bulugh and is a virgin and mature, the fathers permission is essential to validate the Nikaah. (Check Mas’alah No. 2385)

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