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Guide me whether am i right


My husband is very Dubieties person.even he cannot allow me to go to female friends.on the other hand,he discuss the husband wife private things to other friends.he never fulfil my requirements i am a working lady he ask me to fullfil your requirements by your own.every second day there is a world like among us.2.5 years passed with same conditions.he even called me abusive language.there is no way that i can get divorce.there is no baby .question is if I get divorce is Allah Almighty will not angry with me?


Waalykum salam

I’m not sure if I got your Questions correctly but I’ll write from what I understood.

A couple should Have their affairs discussed between themselves and no other. In this case your husband shouldn’t be doing what he is.

Also, it is obligatory on the man to provide The basic necessities for his wife. He must meet up to her demands up-to her status if he can (financially).

Also, at times, when we are overwhelmed, we might think of divorce as the only solution. However, there are many other ways to solve this. I would suggest you speak to a counselor and get some guidance on this. You may also want to talk him to going to the sessions with you so that your mutual issues are set to rest.

I pray all goes well

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery