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Grave Punishment


Aslam-o-Aleikum, I have a question on Punishment in Grave after death. As its said, Life is a exam and result to be announced on Judgement Day. So how Allah The Most Merciful (Who Loves His People More Than 70 Mothers) Will Punish People Before The Results Of Exam Which to be announced/calculated on Judgement Day?



Waalaykum Salaam.

Thank you for your question. Indeed, Allah (SWT) is more loving and merciful than any mother could be and far greater than we can ever imagine. In fact, it is because of His mercy that ‘punishment’ is given before the Day of Judgement as a recompense for our evil deeds in this world. The punishments of the hereafter are far more difficult to bear than the punishments of this world or of barzakh. If one were to be cleansed of ones sins (which is the purpose of punishment) here in this world, it is much easier than being cleansed from them in the hereafter. In this way, Allah (SWT) gives the believers the opportunity to be cleansed from their sins in this world to protect them from the horrors and difficulties of the hereafter.

Secondly, we must realise what we call ‘punishment of Allah’ is actually a direct result of our own deeds and choices. If one were to make poor choices in this world, it will be reflected both in this world and the hereafter. Similarly, the rewards of Allah are also not restricted to the hereafter alone, rather, He rewards people both in this world and the hereafter.

Fi Amanillah,