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Graphics Designing involves creating pictures


I am a graphics Designer and I am doing designing for many years. In Graphics Designing I have to create pictures of many things But Now, I have heard from somewhere that this is not allowed in Islam. Pictures are created on a computer. If It is not allowed then why taking a picture is allowed? Please Guide me.


Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem 

Wa-Alaykum As Salaam
There is no problem in taking pictures according to the rulings of Syed Sistani.
There is also no problem in drawing life forms on software, which is a tool being used in place of physical pen and paper, as long as it is non sculptured, according to Syed Sistani.  If you need to draw sculptured work, you should refer to a jurisprudence scholar (Marja) who allows it.  See drawing a picture
Answer: Drawing a non-sculptured figure is allowed.It is allowed to draw a human being or an animal on a piece of paper or something. Based on obligatory precaution, it is necessary to refrain from drawing a sculptured (embossed) picture of a living being.


Syed Samer Hakim