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Going to the cinema


Is going to the cinema haram? Provided that you don’t listen to the haram music maybe by listening to nasheeds when the music is on (in such a way that you can’t listen to the music at all) or by coming out of the cinema. I’ll be waiting for your reply.


Going to cinema by itself is not haram. It is a place alike other places especially when it is NOT accompanied by any haram things such as listening haram music and watching haram scenes.

Normally parents are worried about the extent their children could stay away from such haram things.

Yes, if visting cinema even though you stay from haram things is going to degrade a momin’s repurtation it is not advisable to go such places.

Imam Ali (as) is reported to have said:  He who puts himself in conditions of ill-repute should not blame those who entertain bad ideas about him.

(Nahj al Balagah Short sayings No 159)

Kumail Rajani