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Hawza Education



i want ask that i want to go to hawza in qom for religious studies.My father being shia has given me permission to go.

But my mother being sunni dont want me to go for shia religious studies.she says if you i will never talk to you again.

now can i go for hawza without her will?



Alaikum salaam

If you believe your faith is at risk of harm if you don’t go to study, or
for any other reasons you find that studying in Qom is wajib for you, then
you don’t have to listen to your mother, but you must be gentle and kind
to her.

If not, and you believe she will cut off her relation with you if you go
study, then it is your duty and your struggle in God’s way and pleasure to
stay with her and not go to Qom.

You should always be respectful, kind and humble with your mother,
whatever the circumstance. Talking to her and explaining her the situation well could be beneficial.

I pray that Allah (swt) helps you


Miqdad Rajabali