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God’s Inequality in testing people


Salam, One of my Hindu friend asked how God decide that someone will be wealthy and others will be poor. Similar how someone will be born healthy and other will disabled. etc Is this decision been made randomly by God or there is some logic behind it? I understand this life is test but why some people have relatively easy test and some really hard test. regards



Salaamun Alaykum
Thank you for your question. In the books of theology, it has been firmly established that God is All-Knowledgeable and All-Wise. It then follows that only wise actions emanate from one who is All-Wise. No action of God’s is random without purpose. Since we recognise the perfect attributes of God, we are certain that whatever happens is according to divine wisdom and purpose, even though we may not understand all the wisdoms and higher purposes.
Definitely, life is a test but not everybody is given the same test. We are informed in the Holy Qur’an that each person will be tested only to his/her capacity. As one grows spiritually, the tests become more challenging because the capacity to bear them is greater. This is one of the means God uses to cleanse one and raise one’s status. We must however remember that we cannot judge the difficulty or ease of others’ tests since outwardly, it may seem a person is living comfortably with few difficulties but in reality, they may be facing very problematic challenges.
Fi Amanillah,