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Zakat to a masjid/Islamic center


I live in USA and my city doesn’t have a very large Muslim population. We have a Masjid that also serves as a Islamic center where we meet for iftar and other religion events. To support the cost to run the place we have no means other than contribution from the Muslims who come there. My question is, is it OK to pay my zakat to this masjid rather than giving it to people? I heard that in a non Muslim country where the only funds for masjid come from the Islamic community and none from the state itself, it’s ok to pay zakat to a masjid/Islamic center. Thanks



Funds for Zakat and Khums should as a priority be spent with in your own geographical community. Part is given to the poor and needy, and another is used to build the community. Seek permission from your Marja or scholar in order to spend it in building, and if they allow it, then there is no problem in it.

S.L. Al-Hakim.