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Giving alms to a needy family member


Q1. I put sadqah every Friday in box 📦 and i have collection of sadqah from last one year, can I give that sadqah to my married sister because her husband not give enough money?


Q2. With my every income of money i put 5% of that money in same sadqah box so my questions can i give that money to my married sister because her husband not support her? Can she go to Ziarat (Karbala) by using this money?


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

  1. Giving Sadaqah is highly recommended in Islam. it is meant to help someone who is in need of that help. hence if your sister is needy you may allocate it to her.
  2. once you have allocated the funds to her, she is the sole owner of that money and can spend it however she wishes.