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Ghusl janabat and orgasm


I am a female and have been married for 14 years but in the initial years of marriage ,I thought that that Ghusl e janabat becomes necessary only  if u reach orgasm ALONG with ejecting liquid…many a times the liquid was not ejected and I had not taken Ghusl e janabat,so I have 2 questions regarding this
1. What about all the namaz and rozas done during this period?

2.I had read that after such an event,if I have done other wajib Ghusl like haiz etc then it would suffice for ghusle janabat and all the prayers and fasts after that Ghusl would be correct even though the intention was haiz…please confirm if this is right,so I can calculate my qaza namaz.
Please please do reply…I need to prepare for my hereafter and want to complete my wajibat.
Jazakallah khair.


Waalaykum al-salam

Thank you for your question

According to the following answer given by Sayyid Sistani (D), one can understand that a wajib or mustahab ghusl should suffice to validate your prayers and fasts.

Answer: The moisture that women feel in their genitals during caresses or lustful thoughts, and that moisture is not so much that it contaminates other places, it is clean and does not require ghusl and does not invalidate ablution, but if it is too much – to some extent If he ejaculates and pollutes the clothes, if it is accompanied-for a woman –  reaching the peak of sexual pleasure and full satisfaction (orgasm), it is impure and causes janabat, but if it is not accompanied by it, still based on necessary precaution, it is impure and It causes janabat, and in cases where the woman doubts whether the moisture has reached such a high level or not, or doubts about the origin of the moisture, ghusl is not obligatory, and ablution and ghusl are not invalidated.
Therefore, in the past, if you are sure that ghusl has become obligatory on you and you had performed the prayers in that state, you should make up for the prayers that you performed after Janabat, except for after performing a ghusl, whether the ghusl is obligatory, such as the ghusl of menstruation and What is recommended like the Friday Ghusl, and if you do not know the number of prayers that you should makeup, it is enough to estimate the amount that you are sure was invalid and pray them, and it is not necessary to make up the fasts in case of ignorance if you were excused in ignorance, and otherwise Qada is necessary, but there is no Kaffarah.