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Getting Married Young in halal way


Salam wa alakuim,

I’m a teenage and have been in a haraam relationship for a while now, we have always spoken about me informing my dad about us cause we find it hard to hide it from him. The man is 20 and is financially stable however I’m still doing my studies and feel like my dad wouldn’t accept this. We don’t want to get married just yet but we would just want our parents to know about us and get married by next year. Is it possible to be together in a halal way so my parents know but not get married just yet?


Waalaykum salam.

Once you inform your father, and he agrees to your future marriage. Then you can recite a “Mutah” I.e. temporary Nikah until you finally marry a year later. This will make you “mahram” to one another.

Good luck