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frustrated over fight with Mother


Salam I have a question about my mother who in general is a very sweet lady with a generous heart but shes the exact opposite with me. my mothers sister and her daughters are extremely jealous of me and they misguide my mother when ever they have a chance to do and now my mother being decieved by them is fighting with me all the time she ignores me and now even blackmails me . At first i wud tolerate all this but now my patience is broken and i am frustrated and when she fights with me now i fight back ad i curse her that the way shes doing may Allah do the same with her … but the truth is that i have always obeyed her and deep down inside i love her so much and i want her to love me back as a normal mother would do.. in this situation what should i do now should i run away or will Allah forgive me if i kill myself?


Waalaykum Salam

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I would suggest you speak to a counselor ASAP. You should make sure you convey your feelings to your mother. She should know what’s in your heart for her and how she is being deceived.

After all she is your mother,  and I’m sure she will want to hear all this.
Also, try and keep a low tone with your mother.  After all her status is beyond imagination. Silence really solves the hardest of things on earth.
My dear sister, only cowards give up. Whether you run away or kill yourself, in either way you haven’t solved the problem. There is no progress there. Rather a Regress.
Committing suicide is a major sin and Allah (Azj) despises people who do that.
Anyhow please seek some immediate help. Thinking this way isn’t healthy and could cost you. Please speak to a local Aalim, counselor and or an Elderly who your mother would listen to.

Good luck
In my special duas