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friends goods lost while travelling


Assalaamualaikum. My friend asked me to carry some goods to another country by air. He paid for my ticket and expenses. He has packed them and asked me to place in my check in luggage. On arrival at destination, I found the luggage (a suitcase) is damaged and some of the goods missing. We made police complaint but of no help. Airlines say we should have insured. My friend claims the goods he gave to me as amanah and I must pay for the lost goods. He doesn’t listen that the good lost in airline’s custody and in not my custody. Thank you. Kindly advise

Alaykum Salaam,
Thank you for your question. Here is the ruling relevant to your case according to Ay. Sistani (hA):
Ruling 2354. If a safe keeper of a deposit is not negligent in safeguarding it nor excessive with it, i.e. he does not use it in an unpermitted manner, but it so happens that it perishes, he is not responsible for it. However, if he is negligent in safeguarding it – for example, he keeps it in a place that is not secure from being found and taken by an unjust person – or he is excessive – for example, he wears the clothing or rides the horse [that he was entrusted with] – then, in the event that it perishes, he must replace it for the owner.
Islamic Laws, annotated and translated by Mohammad Ali Ismail, volume 2, page 99-100
If your placing the amanat in your check in bag was not considered as negligent, you do not have to pay if the goods are damaged/stolen.
May you always be successful